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Wildlife & Waterhole

Due to years of drought, the number of wild animals in the area was extremely low. However after the good rainy season of 2022, they slowly started to come back.
Let's see who is around today!

Oryx Gazella ( Gemsbok )

Oryx is a large antelope native to the arid area. 
They are known for their spectacular horns that average 85cm length. 
Females carry their horns for defending themselves and their offspring while males use them for defending their territory from others.

IMG_3613 (002)_edited.jpg

Hartmann's mountain zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae) 

Hartmann's mountain zebras are protected species in Namibia.

They have Black strips on the white body unlike plain zebras ( Black strips with shadow stripes superimposed on the white strips ).

Namaqua sandgrouse ( Pterocles  namaqua )

Hundreds of Namaqua sandgrouse can be seen at the waterhole in the morning.

They are known to carry water back to their chicks in a surprising way, by carrying it in their feathers!

Double-banded sandgrouse ( Pterocles bicinctus ) can also be seen after sunset.

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